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Shan Associates Daylighting Solution
Ramallumin Direct Warping
Shan Associates Daylighting Solution
Shan Associates Warehouse Mobile Solution
Solar Solutions
IRO ROJ Weft Accumulators
Shan Associates Solar Water Pump Installation at Ghazi Farm, Defense Road near Bhoptian Chowk


Storax Racking Solutions
Shan Associates Daylighting System
Alternative Energy Solutions
Canalair Air Systems
CCI Sampling Weaving Machines
Vaupel Label Loom
Ramallumin Warping & Sizing Machines
Shan Associates Daylighting Systems

  • IRO-ROJ Weft Accumulators from Sweden & Italy
  • Ramallumin Warping & Sizing Machines
  • CCI Sampling Weaving Machines
  • Groz Beckert Weaving Accessories
  • Lab Equipments Pro-Ser Testing Technologies
  • Weaving Beams from Rigamonti
  • Vaupel Label Looms
  • Transport and Handling Equipment from Giovanelli
  • Canalair Air Systems
  • Weave Design Software Arahne
  • Shan Associates Skylight
  • Alternate Energy Solutions
  • Storax Racking Solutions
  • Prym Fastening Systems and Attaching Machines

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